Phys Med Biol. 2003 Jun 7;48(11):1649-59.

Une étude de la distribution des champs électrique dans l'érythrocyte et la forme des cellules après exposition directe au RF .

A study of the electric field distribution in erythrocyte and rod shape cells from direct RF exposure.

Munoz San MS, Sebastian JL, Sancho M, Miranda JM.

Dpt. Fisica Aplicada III, Facultad de Fisicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

This paper shows the importance of using realistic cell shapes with the proper geometry and orientation to study the mechanisms of direct cellular effects from radiofrequency (RF) exposure. For this purpose, the electric field distribution within erythrocyte, rod and ellipsoidal cell models is calculated by using a finite element technique with adaptive meshing. The three cell models are exposed to linearly polarized electromagnetic plane waves of frequencies 900 and 2450 MHz. The results show that the amplification of the electric field within the membrane of the erythrocyte shape cell is more significant than that observed in other cell geometries. The results obtained show the dependence of the induced electric field distribution on frequency, electrical properties of membrane and cytoplasm and the orientation of the cell with respect to the applied field. The analysis of the transition of an erythrocyte shape to an ellipsoidal one shows that a uniformly shelled ellipsoid model is a rough approximation if a precise simulation of bioeffects in cells is desired.